Well, this is the story all about how my life got flipped turned upside down
and I’d like to take a minute and paint right there, 
the story of how I became an artist in just a few years. 

In Brooklyn, NY born and raised.
In the art room is where I spent most of my days. 
Drawing out, painting and relaxing all cool,
​I was drawing Mickey Mouse all over my school. 

Up until my senior year of High School, I have never taken an art course. Although I always knew I was born to be creative, I never gave myself a chance to express it on the web/paper/canvas. I gave myself a shot and took my first art class in my final semester and finished with some amazing artwork. I knew to be a fine artist wasn't going to take me far so I applied for a degree in the next best thing. Graphic Design.  After taking all the necessary courses (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign...) I quickly adapted to the design world where I learned that you never finish learning. Every day is a new adventure with continuous obstacles being thrown at you. I enjoy seeking and taking on every obstacle head-on and growing from them.  

Today I work with over 50 companies and counting. I design logos, banners, brochures, ads, posters, invitations, videos and more.
​Join our quest in changing the future with design. 

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